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Suggestions? Ideas??

Soooo, what do you think?


EVERYONE has an opinion...but most companies don't want to hear it.  BUT WE DO!

We started CandyMafia because people kept asking us why they couldn't buy "just Chocolate" Tootsie Pops, or "just Cherry" Jolly Ranchers.  We had an idea, took a shot at it, and here you are!   


But we definitely want your opinions.  You see, everything looks perfect from this end, but we want feedback and new ideas.  Things like:

How is the packaging? 

Are the bags easy to open? 

Is 60 Tootsies a good number, or should we offer more or less? 

What should we change on the website? 

Are there any other flavors or assortments that would be better??

What are we missing?

How can we do better??


With your suggestions and ideas, we can build this into your perfect company.  We're not your cable company...we actually DO care what you think.  ;)  Thanks again for working with us, and we look forward to your opinions!





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